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Copywriting For Beginners: How To Get Started Fast (With No Experience)

By Alex Cattoni

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Make Money Writing: 6 Steps To Become A Copywriter Join The #1 Copywriting Challenge on the Internet ►►

So you want to give copywriting a try? 😏 Yeah, you do! 

But before you get too ahead of yourself, there are 6 very important steps that you need to do first – before you can find any clients who will want to give you money.

I get tons and tons of emails, Facebook messages, and Instagram DMs from people saying something along the lines of “Hey! I love your videos. I’m new to copywriting. HOW DO I START?!”

While I have LOTS of videos on this topic, I totally get it…

You can get so deep down the rabbit hole of tutorials, videos, and research that you eventually start to feel like your drowning in a sea of information with no idea what steps you actually need to take FIRST. 

So in this week’s video, I’m telling you the exact 6 steps that you need to take FIRST.


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00:00:00 So you've watched a couple of YouTube videos
00:00:01 and decided that you want to give
00:00:02 this whole copywriting thing a try.
00:00:05 Yeah you do.
00:00:05 Well, let me tell you, you are in the right place.
00:00:08 In this video, I'm sharing the first six steps you must take
00:00:11 to start a freelance copywriting business,
00:00:13 and make money doing what you love ASAP.
00:00:16 (upbeat music)
00:00:25 Welcome to the raddest, baddest crew
00:00:27 of copywriters on the Internet.
00:00:29 This is the place to be if you are looking
00:00:31 to turn your passion for writing into a business.
00:00:34 Yes, it is possible, I promise you that.
00:00:37 But before you get too gung-ho and rearing to go,
00:00:39 there are six very important steps
00:00:41 that you need to take first before you find a client
00:00:43 who will want to give you their money.
00:00:45 Now, you might remember that I made another video
00:00:47 pretty similar to this one
00:00:48 way back when I first started my channel in 2019.
00:00:51 But as you guys know, I am all about learning and evolving
00:00:54 to stay on top of the latest trends, techniques, and tactics
00:00:57 that are working today.
00:00:59 As I like to say, I keep it real so you can stay relevant
00:01:02 and this video is my latest and greatest spin
00:01:04 on that 2019 classic.
00:01:06 Now, while all the advice in that video still applies today,
00:01:09 I wanted to freshen it up with some new tips
00:01:11 that I think you'll find insanely helpful,
00:01:13 especially step number six.
00:01:15 So make sure you watch to the end for two stories
00:01:18 that will completely change the way you think
00:01:20 about the right way to get clients.
00:01:22 Hey guys, it's Alex.
00:01:23 As always, I'm here to help you
00:01:24 create the life of your dreams
00:01:25 by building a successful freelance copywriting business,
00:01:28 so if you're into that, give me a thumbs up below
00:01:30 and if you're new around here, welcome.
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00:01:44 All right, now let's dive right in to the six steps
00:01:47 to igniting your freelance copywriting business fast.
00:01:49 Step number one, study.
00:01:52 This was number one on my first video
00:01:54 and it will always remain in the number one spot,
00:01:56 because it is seriously that important.
00:01:58 You have heard me say over and over again
00:02:00 that learning never stops, and yes, believe it or not,
00:02:03 even after doing this for 10 years,
00:02:05 I am still learning and growing my copywriting
00:02:07 and marketing skills every single week.
00:02:09 You simply cannot binge on YouTube videos for one week
00:02:12 and then consider yourself an expert,
00:02:13 it doesn't work that way.
00:02:15 If you really wanna be successful in this business,
00:02:17 you have to commit yourself
00:02:18 to the continual pursuit of knowledge.
00:02:20 So go out there and listen to podcasts,
00:02:22 watch YouTube tutorials like this one,
00:02:24 buy books and actually read them, attend events
00:02:27 and sign up for practical copywriting
00:02:29 programs and challenges.
00:02:31 And listen, I got you covered with all of that and more,
00:02:33 and the first place you need to be is right here
00:02:35 on my YouTube channel, so you're already on the right track.
00:02:38 But if you haven't subscribed yet, what are you waiting for?
00:02:41 After this video, I suggest you dive deep
00:02:43 into the dozens of other videos that I have
00:02:45 waiting for you on my channel.
00:02:46 Step number two, practice.
00:02:49 All the knowledge in the world won't do you any good
00:02:51 unless you can actually implement it.
00:02:54 Now I know that everyone wants to learn
00:02:55 what they need to know and then go out there immediately
00:02:57 and find a paying client,
00:02:59 but I am telling you right now
00:03:00 that you'll definitely wanna practice writing copy
00:03:03 before you go out there and call yourself a copywriter.
00:03:06 First of all, you'll be really hard pressed
00:03:07 to find a client if you can't actually prove to them
00:03:09 that you know what you're doing,
00:03:11 and second of all, your first few attempts
00:03:12 at copywriting will be bad.
00:03:15 Yes, I said it.
00:03:16 Let's all just accept this as fact right now,
00:03:19 because I don't care who you are,
00:03:20 when you're first learning this craft,
00:03:22 or any new skill for that matter,
00:03:23 you're not gonna be great at first and that's okay.
00:03:26 The way you grow as a copywriter
00:03:28 is to first write bad copy and then fix it,
00:03:31 and that is the Copy Posse golden rule
00:03:33 and the only way you'll ever get better and better.
00:03:36 So write this down:
00:03:37 You gotta write crappy before you write copy.
00:03:40 So that's exactly what you should be doing right now.
00:03:43 With this video or every video and podcast
00:03:45 you're learning something from,
00:03:46 go ahead and actually put into practice what you learn.
00:03:49 What matters is that you're getting your hands dirty
00:03:51 because that is the only real way you'll learn anything new.
00:03:54 My favorite way to practice is to re-write headlines
00:03:56 that I find online.
00:03:57 So the next time you see an ad, a landing page, or an email,
00:04:00 try to re-write it in your own words.
00:04:02 Or better yet, head on over to my Instagram page
00:04:05 and stay tuned for my next edition
00:04:07 of "Can You Make This Headline Even Hotter?"
00:04:09 It's a fun way to practice
00:04:11 and see what other copywriters are doing.
00:04:13 Moving on to step number three, find a community.
00:04:16 I truly believe this is the single biggest needle mover
00:04:19 for those looking to start a new business in anything,
00:04:22 so you'll wanna do this sooner rather than later.
00:04:24 Connecting with a community of like-minded peers
00:04:26 will be massively beneficial to you
00:04:28 because I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say it,
00:04:30 you probably don't know many other copywriters, right?
00:04:34 So who can you really talk to about your struggles?
00:04:36 Who can you ask to review something you write
00:04:38 and give you honest feedback?
00:04:40 Who can you reach out to for tips on landing clients,
00:04:42 or what to do once you actually do land a client
00:04:45 and need support?
00:04:46 Having an online crew that you can connect with
00:04:48 will make your journey that much easier,
00:04:50 because trust me, you are going to have some questions
00:04:53 along the way and you're gonna want support,
00:04:55 guidance and encouragement from people
00:04:57 who get where you're at.
00:04:58 Now you can find tons of groups and communities online,
00:05:01 like on Facebook, Instagram
00:05:02 and other social media platforms,
00:05:04 my own badass Copy Posse community included,
00:05:07 and if you wanna join my premium members only community,
00:05:10 you can do that by joining my write and ignite challenge.
00:05:13 You can find the link to that below.
00:05:14 But here's the real kicker, you guys,
00:05:16 you need to actually engage with the people in these groups.
00:05:19 You know, be active and be real
00:05:21 and build a relationship with them,
00:05:23 because people will always be more willing to reply
00:05:25 to your questions and posts if you've proved
00:05:27 that you're an active and value-driven member
00:05:29 of the community first.
00:05:30 All right, step number four, write your elevator pitch.
00:05:34 So this tip is kind of like three tips in one,
00:05:36 so make sure you pay close attention.
00:05:38 Once you start practicing and building confidence
00:05:40 in your craft, it's time to get clear on how you plan
00:05:43 to serve your future clients.
00:05:45 So think of your elevator pitch
00:05:46 as your personal sales pitch.
00:05:48 You need to be able to quickly and effectively communicate
00:05:51 what you offer, who you serve and how you do it,
00:05:54 and you should be able to communicate that all
00:05:56 in 10 seconds or less, or the amount of time
00:05:59 it takes an elevator to move a floor,
00:06:01 which means that your pitch needs to be quick
00:06:03 but it also needs to position you as the person
00:06:05 who can help your clients achieve their goals.
00:06:07 So let's break this down a little bit.
00:06:09 What do you offer?
00:06:11 Will you offer copy or content or both?
00:06:13 And go a step further to nail down
00:06:15 exactly what your ideal niche is, or in other words,
00:06:18 what would you like to be your area of expertise?
00:06:20 It could be personal development, online education,
00:06:23 beauty, health and fitness, the list goes on and on.
00:06:26 So ask yourself, what do you truly enjoy researching,
00:06:28 learning about and writing about,
00:06:30 and that's what you should pick as your starter niche,
00:06:33 because remember, you're gonna have to write
00:06:34 about this topic every day for the foreseeable future.
00:06:37 But don't worry, picking your niche right now
00:06:39 isn't a lifelong commitment.
00:06:41 You can pivot at any time.
00:06:43 Next up, ask who do you serve?
00:06:46 Do you want to help coaches, entrepreneurs or authors?
00:06:48 Female-led brands, local businesses,
00:06:51 natural and sustainable products?
00:06:52 SaaS sites, eCommerce companies?
00:06:54 You should narrow down and get specific
00:06:56 on who your ideal client would be.
00:06:58 And finally, how do you do it?
00:07:01 What services will you offer?
00:07:02 Do you do blog posts, sales copy, video scripts, emails,
00:07:06 social media, home pages, websites, ads?
00:07:08 There are so many different types and mediums
00:07:10 of copywriting out there.
00:07:12 Now I know what you're thinking.
00:07:13 You're thinking, "Wait, I can't narrow it down that much.
00:07:15 "Won't it be super hard to find clients or get work
00:07:17 "if I am that specific?"
00:07:19 Listen, I know it's scary
00:07:20 and it can feel like you're cutting yourself off
00:07:22 from tons of opportunities, but trust me,
00:07:23 when you get specific, it actually helps you
00:07:26 find and land clients.
00:07:27 Let me prove it to you.
00:07:28 Which one of these elevator pitches do you think
00:07:30 is most likely to land a client?
00:07:32 "I help coaches craft website copy that is clear, effective
00:07:35 "and personal to help them attract more leads and sales."
00:07:38 Or, "I'm a copywriter and I can write copy for you."
00:07:42 Yeah.
00:07:43 It's pretty obvious that the first one stands out.
00:07:45 It's short, clear and concise.
00:07:47 Now it doesn't mean you have to turn away work
00:07:49 that falls outside of this, it just means you now
00:07:51 have a laser focused approach for finding clients
00:07:54 that you're actually super excited to work with.
00:07:56 All right, step number five,
00:07:58 start building your portfolio and profile.
00:08:01 So you know all that practice you've been doing?
00:08:03 Yeah, now it's time to organize it all
00:08:05 into one neat and tidy place, so that when you have a client
00:08:08 that's interested in possibly working with you,
00:08:10 you can showcase your skills in a way that's professional.
00:08:12 The key here is that if you haven't actually been contracted
00:08:15 to write any of that work yet,
00:08:16 make sure you are very clear that what you're showing
00:08:18 are just samples, and then of course you can add in
00:08:21 any other relevant writing samples you have
00:08:23 that showcase your skills and abilities.
00:08:25 Now I have a video on how to build your portfolio
00:08:27 with zero experience, and I'll link to that
00:08:29 at the end of this video for you to watch next.
00:08:32 But a question that I get literally all the time is this,
00:08:35 "Alex, which software should I use to build my portfolio?"
00:08:38 And you guys seriously do not have to overthink this.
00:08:40 I have every single one of my students
00:08:42 create their portfolios in Google Drive.
00:08:45 It's free, it's easy and everyone knows how to use it.
00:08:48 It's great because you can add
00:08:49 as many documents as you want,
00:08:51 add folders organized by niche and brand
00:08:53 to make it really easy to navigate,
00:08:55 and it's super simple to share your work.
00:08:57 Remember, all you have to do is prove to your clients
00:09:00 that you know what you're doing.
00:09:01 Copywriters aren't designers,
00:09:02 so I promise you that your clients aren't expecting
00:09:05 your portfolio to be pretty.
00:09:06 Well organized and structured, yes,
00:09:09 but fancy shmancy, no.
00:09:11 All right, now last on the list is step number six,
00:09:13 get visible.
00:09:15 Now this is when you put yourself out there
00:09:17 and start looking for clients.
00:09:19 There are many different methods for finding
00:09:21 and creating clients, but something that I think
00:09:23 is even more effective than sending cold outreach emails
00:09:26 to 5000 people is networking.
00:09:29 So my advice is get out there
00:09:30 on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook,
00:09:33 attend live and local events,
00:09:35 and start having value-driven conversations.
00:09:37 Make it super clear who you are and what you do,
00:09:40 enter your elevator pitch from step number four.
00:09:43 The key here is to make yourself as visible as possible,
00:09:46 because sure, you can spend hours actively looking
00:09:48 for clients, but you could easily attract clients to you
00:09:51 by showing up and connecting with the right people.
00:09:54 I am a big big big believer in something
00:09:56 my friend and freelancing expert Jay Close says,
00:09:59 and that is to ask your network to advocate for you.
00:10:02 So yes, that means letting your friends and family
00:10:04 and former classmates, coaches, bosses, and colleagues
00:10:07 know what you're doing now and how you can help people.
00:10:10 Now I know a lot of people shy away from doing this
00:10:12 because it's a public declaration
00:10:14 of you trying something new and what if you fail?
00:10:17 I get it.
00:10:18 Or worse, what if everyone feels the need
00:10:19 to share their opinions and unsolicited advice?
00:10:22 Yes, I have been there too.
00:10:24 Now I know it might feel scary
00:10:25 debuting your new copywriting skills to the world,
00:10:28 but think of it this way,
00:10:29 who is more likely to advocate for you
00:10:30 and send possible clients your way?
00:10:32 Is it people who know, like and trust you,
00:10:35 or people you've never even met?
00:10:37 If you're not letting your network know
00:10:39 about what you're doing, you are missing out
00:10:40 on a ton of potential connections and opportunities.
00:10:43 In fact, one of my Copy Posse launch pad coaching students
00:10:45 shared this powerful story with our class
00:10:47 and I wanna take a minute to share it with you.
00:10:49 She said, "I have specifically not told anyone at work
00:10:52 that I'm doing this course
00:10:53 because I'm afraid of retributions.
00:10:55 I'm afraid that they could say I'm not giving 100%
00:10:57 because my attention is divided between my job
00:11:00 and copywriting, and I've imagined
00:11:02 100 different conversations with my superiors
00:11:04 that all end badly."
00:11:06 "Well, tonight my boss invited me over for dinner.
00:11:08 When we were sitting around the kitchen,
00:11:09 we started talking about finances and the future,
00:11:12 and after thinking about it for a second,
00:11:14 I decided to tell her."
00:11:16 "I told her I'm in a copywriting program right now
00:11:18 and looking to get some freelancing jobs in the future.
00:11:21 She asked a few questions about copywriting
00:11:22 and I explained a little bit about what I'm learning.
00:11:24 She was really excited and said how happy she was
00:11:27 that I was investing in something like that.
00:11:29 "Then she said, 'Actually, we could really use some help
00:11:32 with that kind of stuff at work.
00:11:33 I've been writing all of our content
00:11:35 and trying to keep our site updated,
00:11:36 but I really don't have time for any of that.
00:11:38 Let me know whenever you're ready
00:11:40 and I'd love to give you some projects.'"
00:11:41 Um, what?
00:11:43 Yeah.
00:11:44 How amazing is that?
00:11:45 Now here is another story that one of my students shared.
00:11:47 "Holy cow, you guys!
00:11:48 I went public on my private Instagram page last night
00:11:51 and shared a post about my new copywriting business.
00:11:53 Less than 24 hours later, I have a client meeting booked."
00:11:57 Yeah!
00:11:58 So now it's your turn.
00:11:59 Get visible, be active, and put yourself out there
00:12:01 in whatever way feels right for you.
00:12:04 You never know what might happen next.
00:12:06 All right guys, that's it for today.
00:12:07 Until next time, I'm Alex.
00:12:09 Ciao for now.
00:12:11 All right guys, if you enjoyed that video,
00:12:12 make sure to check out the next one from me right here,
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00:12:19 Ah yes, probably the biggest
00:12:20 freelancing catch-22 of them all,
00:12:23 how do you build a portfolio if you don't have clients,
00:12:26 and how do you get clients if you don't have a portfolio?
00:12:29 Trust me, there is a way, five in fact,
00:12:32 so keep watching to learn my five tips
00:12:34 for building a portfolio with zero experience.