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YouTube Marketing in 2022: A Complete Beginner's Guide đź“” by YouTube Marketing with tubics.

Harnessing the Power of YouTube Marketing: A Beginner's Handbook

Crafting the Right Marketing Strategy on YouTube

In pursuit of attaining viewership and traction on YouTube, it's vital to start by creating content that is of inherent value to the intended audience. YouTube Marketing with tubics emphasizes three pivotal questions to guide content creation:

  • What type of videos is your target audience genuinely interested in?
  • Would your audience watch these videos voluntarily?
  • What unique value can your videos offer?

Adding Value Through Learning, Entertainment, and Emotion

Offering value is the linchpin to compelling content. This value is categorized into three distinct types, which should be embedded into every video:

  • Learning: Impart knowledge or skills to educate your audience.
  • Entertainment: Provide engaging and amusing content.
  • Emotion: Evoke feelings to create a memorable viewing experience.

YouTube Marketing in 2022: A Complete Beginner's Guide đź“”

By infusing at least one of these value elements into each video, you set the stage for a more engaging and successful YouTube strategy.

Establishing Your YouTube Channel

A quintessential step in YouTube marketing is setting up your channel appropriately. YouTube Marketing with tubics distinguishes two channels:

  1. Regular Channels: Personal profiles converted into YouTube channels.
  2. Brand Channels: Professional channels that allow shared access among employees and collaborators.

Brand channels are the recommended option for businesses to leverage collaborative efforts and professional management. Upon choosing the right type of channel, emphasizing consistency in design elements—such as profile pictures, custom thumbnails, and other video aesthetics—is crucial. These elements should reflect a consistent and recognizable brand identity.

Crafting an impactful intro video is another essential step, with a crucial note to keep it under seven seconds, aligning with YouTube's fast-paced consumption habits, thus avoiding viewer drop-off rates.

Engaging Your Initial Subscriber Base

Acquiring your first set of subscribers can be daunting. tubics advises leveraging existing social media platforms to migrate followers to YouTube, collaborating with established channels for increased visibility, and focusing on organic traffic sources on YouTube, such as suggested videos and search results.

Navigating SEO and Paid Traffic for Growth

Improving search visibility through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves incorporating target keywords into the video's title, description, and tags. If SEO struggles to deliver the desired results, paid traffic is available, with a strong admonition to use it wisely so as not to inflate subscriber count artificially without sustainable growth.

Discovering More with tubics

tubics provides targeted tools to assist businesses and content creators in optimizing their YouTube videos for better ranking on search engines. Their software offers actionable recommendations and a user-friendly platform for implementing them—a sign-up is available at their website.

In Summary

The guide stresses the significance of developing compelling content, establishing an efficient channel, and adopting strategic marketing and SEO practices to flourish in the dynamic world of YouTube content creation. For a deeper dive into these strategies, subscribing to the tubics YouTube channel and exploring their additional resources is recommended.

For more information on the strategies touched upon in this video, subscribe to tubics, check out their extensive video library here, and consider exploring Jan's channel @So geht YouTube.

Stay connected via social media on Facebook and LinkedIn, and for company details, visit their imprint page.


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